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A day in a life

Here is one of my days working at Microsoft

Software Engineer 2 at Microsoft, Oxford Postgrad

Salman Chishti

Software Engineer 2 @ Microsoft 

Salman Chishti

Doing stuff in life

About me

Currently I work at Microsoft as a Software Engineer 2, however I have previously worked as a Product Manager 2 and Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft.


I am particularly fond of creating social media content, which you can find online on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube


About me

Hi I'm a Software Engineer 2 at Microsoft and a Regional Lead for the Microsoft Certified Trainer program. Previously I was a Product Manager 2 at Microsoft, a Cloud Solution Architect and did many other roles alongside such as leading on the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program in the UK, being an Azure Mixed Reality Demo developer specialist and more.

  • Spoken at Microsoft Build, Ignite, Business Applications Summit, etc.
  • Previous judge for Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior
  • Named Inventor on a Microsoft Patent

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Coaching, support, training, development

Salman Chishti